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New CO2 Laser Cutter

HGL Systems installs new LS6090 PRO C02 Laser Cutter 

We have recently purchased a new LS6090 PRO C02 Laser Cutter. This machine has a cutting area of 600mm x 900mm and can cut various woods, papers, fabrics and plastics. It can also engrave anodised and coated metals, glass, granite, slate and marble. We can now offer cutting and engraving as a service. Contact us for further information or a quotation. 

New BGA Rework Station

HGL Systems takes delivery of new BGA Rework station

We have recently received a brand new Ersa HR 550 rework station. This machine is able to desolder, place and solder all types of surface mounted devices - up to 70 x 70 mm: BGA, metallic BGA, CGA, BGA socket, QFP, PLCC, MLF and miniature components with an edge length of min. 0.2 x 0.4 mm. We are now able to offer BGA rework as a service. Contact us for further information or a quotation.

New High Speed Pick & Place

HGL Systems' new state-of-the-art P&P machine

We have invested in a new Yamaha M20 pick and place machine. This pick and place machine allows us to load up to 180 unique components and can place up to 19,000 components per hour which means that we can now manufacture larger, more complex boards even faster. Visit our PCB Assembly page for more information or Contact us for a quotation.

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